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123 Engine liers and scamers. BETTER OFF BUYING NEW YOU WILL BE BETTER OFF. Canoga Park California!!. I bought a GM 5.7 motor and it was shipped on a pallat and shrink wrapped. Motor was inspected at auto shop and installed. Ran about 30 miles and had lower end knock. After talking to 123 mechanic which was hard as he didnt speak very good English. Sent motor back but now they wanted it in a motor crate. Sent it back and they said it was repaired under warranty but they did other repairs also and i now had to pay 395.00 to ship motor back. after a lengthy over months i gave in and said i would pay. Now they want the owner to talk to me. The last 2 weeks i have called every day. 3 days got an answer and told he was in a meeting and would call back. Now i have left 2-3 voicemails a day and emailed every address i could find. No response at all.

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