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A Plus Car Wash COMPLETE RIP OFF ? RUINED ALL 4 RIMS ON MY CAR Tampa, Florida!!. I recently went to A Plus Car Wash, located on Hillsborough Ave and Countryway in Westchase (Tampa, FL) when they were done with my car not only did my rims look dirtier than they did before they went in, they were completely stained and looked as if the rims had some type of chemical sprayed on them. Well to my surprise apparently they used an acid that is used to treat concrete and not on aluminum rims. I wanted to give them a chance to own up to the mistake that was clearly made. However, the owner/manger Bassim Jalau said that his company did NOT do this and they do not make mistakes. I have never been treated like this by any business owner and quite honestly I understand that mistakes happen. However, its how you handle these things as a business owner which determines your character. I am extremely disappointed in the way that this was handled and I plan on taking ANY and ALL actions to make su

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A Plus Car Wash

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