A-Plus Contract Management, Inc. Review


Turned my RV over to this company and now cannot get in touch with the management. Have had to call him every month to try and get him to make my RV loan payment. Supposedly he got a couple to agree to purchase my RV and they are paying him each month to go towards my loan. He is suppose to inturn make the loan payment on my behalf. Sorry management practice and a ripoff of unsuspecting trusting consumers. I cannot afford to make the payment and I don’t think the couple who agreed to purchase my RV knows the he is not holding up his end of the contract. He I ripping them off also.


Name: A-Plus Contract Management, Inc.

Country: United States

State: Florida

City: Ocala

Address: 6160 SW Highway 200, #110

Phone: (800) 871-0635

Website: www.apluscontractmanagement.com

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By Karl