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I was offered a job that would require 4 weeks paid training for a work from home project management position. They never contacted any references which immediately raised a flag. I could not find them on LinkedIn, nor any other mention of this particular company at this location online, other than the URL they provided. At this site there is no information regarding how to obtain a service brochure, or for that matter how to procure their services. When I tried contacting them directly at their New York site, it states to enter a customer # and leave a message. I looked them up BBB and could not find them, only similar sounding names. I replied to an email I received requesting their New York business license. This is the response I received via email: Although it’s not particularly easy – even on the internet – to find out aboutspecialized oil and gas industry services such as the transportation of heavy machineryand drilling equipment, it shouldn’t be too difficult to track down information aboutour Pacific Projects, which were among our most important contracts last quarter.In any case, disclosing contract details is always the client’s prerogative, not ours.I am not sure whether or not the BBB indexes European companies, but if it does,it should definitely include a section about us. Incidentally, we’ve also been registeredin the metropolitan area of New York State since December, 2016.Although the company is not yet publicly traded, we shall be launching an IPO by January 2018.We’ll be undergoing the required auditing procedures later this year. I can check with headoffice in London to find out which papers or licenses they can provide. Then you can verifyeverything through the proper channels and hopefully put your mind at rest.Please let me know if this is what you’re talking about.And let me know if you’d like to put your training on hold until we’ve allayed your concerns.If you get approached by this company, please investigate their legitimacy further. I am not satisfied by their response. They could have provided the information I was asking for if they were legit.

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By Karl