aaa alliance towing and recovery systems


I would like to report a company that is not complying with state regulations. The name is AAA Alliance towing and recovery systems 7955 w 59th street summit, Il 60501-1400 phone 708-924-4002 708-277-3945. This company is owned by Matt Simmons and a man named Gina. I know that they are no up to date with there driver logs , there are no safety stickers, they are not up to date on there safety inspections that are to be done once a month by law. I know for fact that in the month of September for 5 days they had no insurance on all trucks and they demanded that all employees had to drive and if they did not they were threaten to be fired. And matt demanded that the employees worked over 70 hours and over the state limit no over time was paid. Drivers are expected to drive vehicles that D.O.T would not consider safe. They also paid the employees with bad checks that bounced.

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By Karl