ACTION TYRES & MORE SCAM SOUTHPORT AKA SCAM RIP OFF DODGY ACTION TYRES AND MORE BAD SERVICE INSURANCE FRAUD TAX EVASION ACTION TYRES AND MORE SCAM INNOCENT PEOPLE DANGEROUS DODGY TYRES TAX EVASION INSURANCE FRAUD Southport Nationwide!!. Highly Dangerous and Dodgy Dealers!!These lot are a complete bunch of scammers. They claim to be a caring family company but their dodgy ‘yet charming’ deals will leave you out of pocket. The guys behind the phone calls could convince you butter wouldn’t melt in their mouths. But when it comes to coughing up for the bill or work done, theres always a catch with these blokes. On two seperate occasions I was caught out by these b****rds and It haunts me they are doing this to people over and over again, right in the middle of Price Street Southport! Action Tyres and More! How could you??? :(First of all they fitted one of my tires without the centre balancing ring which basically locks the tyre to the car, heavy vibrating 250km later after 3 hours of driving on this super dangerous wheel, i was travelling at around 110km on the motor way and the pull in my front right hand wheel almost threw me into the solid concrete gaurd railing! I called to let them know and they more or less told me to deal with it and take it somewhere else next time. The next incident was connected to the first! Because of their dodgy work I hit a drain on the highway causing a welt in my rim which i didnt notice until returning home after my huge journey.spoke with Rob and Matt on the phone and they seemed more than happy to replace the rim under insurance. They specifically said, “yes it is fine, we will replace it and wait for the cheque in the mail from Allianz.” After making the call to allianz infront of me they confirmed this process and ordered the rim. The day before i had to travel to canberra in my car at 7am the next day, they decided to flip the process and GET ME TO PAY FOR IT TOO I knew they had already placed the claim with Allianz. Super sneaky. Anyway I battled with them over it and they said they “Forgot” they already made the claim, gave me my rim and i got out of there as quick as i could without looking back. I’m going to take this case to the ombismun and hope he can help further. Dodgy Dealers! Watch out for Action Tyres and More Southport!!!

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