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AdRev for a Third Party is allegedly some kind of content publisher that helps musicians find videos on YouTube that are ripping off their creative work, so that they can not only claim copyright, but earn ad revenue from those videos. As it turns out, AdRev is a copyright troll that deliberately posts false claims on YouTube videos it has no legal claim to, in order to get all revenue generated from those videos. It has been caught blatantly posting claims on public domain music, sound effects from video games, original compositions, and royalty free music. In fact, one of the biggest targets of AdRev are videos that use royalty free music or gameplay footage. It makes sense why if you think about it. Many years ago, YouTubers were struck with copyright claims from legitimate corporations like WMG, Sony, etc. So they started turning to royalty free or public domain music to use as background music. Some genius realized that since big name companies would no longer be bothering YouTubers anymore, he could start claiming copyright on anything that Sony, WMG, or some other major corporation don”t have a legal claim to. No matter how many times content creators successfully file a dispute, AdRev keeps filing a new claim against the video, so this is why I”m posting this review. AdRev wants to keep playing games and stealing revenue from other people”s work it has no basis to, so it”s time to start publicly calling out this sham of a company for what it is. I am also hoping that a government official or lawyer will see this complaint and start taking legal action against this company.

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