Aegis Dental Group Complaint


Aegis Dental is in network with Metlife Insurance who happens to be my carrier. They are a “Preferred Dental Provider” (PDP). This means that the dentist has agreed to and has signed a contract with Metlife that they (AEGIS) agree to accept payment for what is reasonable and customary charges in the area for the procedure and they (AEGIS) have agreed to write off the difference between reasonable & customary and their charges. Here’s an example. Let’s say a AEGIS charges $750.00 for a root canal, but AEGIS has signed a contract with your insurance company that will pay only $650.00 for a root canal. Per the contract AEGIS signed, they have agreed to and are REQUIRED to write off the difference which is $100.00. AEGIS is ignoring this agreement and billing the customer for the entire $750.00! I have twice now gone to AEGIS and explained to the billing person what a pdp is and yet she continues to bill me. I’ve even taken a copy of my explanation of benefits to her which shows what I’m responsible to pay and what they’re required to write off. They just ignore it and continue to bill you. I have filed a complaint against them with my insurance company and am changing dentists. I don’t recommend them as they are dishonest and more than likely billing other clients for what they agreed to write off. If you use AEGIS in Elkhart, I strongly recommend you check your eob (explanation of benefits) from your insurance company before you pay them anything, otherwise you’ll over pay them.

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