AgradeAuto Part Review


Ordered rebuilt engine with 90 day guarantee. Didn’t last 30 days. Been trying for over 60 days to resolve the issue. Jeff said he would send info by email proving how many miles were on the engine and supposed test that was ran on the engine. They obviously lied about the mileage on the engine and the tests they ran on it. He will not return calls. Call on different phones and they answer. Will answer this is Jeff then says I mean George or will say I mean Jerry. They say Jeff isn’t in today. Call on different phone a couple minutes later and they tell you he is with customer and will have him return the call. Never does. Called over 100 times. They are a big rip off. Can’t get them to talk to me to get the situation resolved.


Name: AgradeAuto Part

Country: United States

State: Alabama

City: New Brunswick


Phone: 888-676-5101


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By Karl