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Airport Chevrolet Buick GMC Talon HayesGreg Mills Predatory Sales Practices and Inflated Interest Rates Based on Inaccurate Credit Ratings/False Advertising Medford Oregon!!. I bought a car at Airport Chevrolet. The sales person, Talon Hayes would not give me the internet rate and tried to charge me almost $6000 more than the price shown at the Build-A-Sonic area of the Chevrolet internet site. Airport Chevrolet has an ad out that features a woman with credit problems who claimed she got a car at Airport Chevrolet at a good interest rate. I put $10,000 down and got a 22% interest rate. Talon Hayes said I should be happy to get that rate and that in other states the law does not regulate interest rates and people get much higher rates. In addition, the salesman picked me up to take me to the dealership and said if things don’t work out, he would give me a ride home. I asked to go home several times and he would not take me home. He instead came back with other offers. Airport Chevrolet got me an interest rate on a credit rating that was 40 points below my actual credit score.

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