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I was looking for a new job and had my resume posted on a job board. That’s how the scammers targeted/found me. The scammer contacted me and misrepresented herself as a rep of an internet auction company. After an “interview” I was “offered” a “job”. | I was requested to provide my credit card account number without any other sensitive information deceiving me to think that it is required for the job. The scammer funneled money stolen from other individuals to my credit card account and asked me to use these illegitimate funds to buy Apple electronics in the amount of $7,300 and ship them to Sunny Isles Beach in Florida. | Police gave me the information about the person who picked up the shipment. This man has criminal record and has been involved in a similar scam posted online in 2018. Police refused to investigate the case for reasons that did not make sense to me.
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Alexa Newman

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