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All Approved Auto Works On October 13,2015 I went to All Approved to purchase a vehicle by the time i was almost reaching home the tempature gauge went all the way to hot i returned the car back the dealer said they would fix it. Lake Worth Florida!!. on October. 14th the dealer called me back to get the car my first payment of 234 was paid on October 16th on October 18th the car meter ran up again which i took a picture and sent it to the dealer the dealer then told me. shut the car down he would send a tow truck which never came until the following day which was October 20th. i called the dealer on October 21 st the dealer yelled at me and said there is nothing wrong with the car the dealer hung up in my face a total of three times which i never disrespected or yelled at him i dont know if you guys can help but if not can you please lead me in the right direction. i dont want anyone else to go throught what im going through i. only enjoyed the car. for. one day and i put 700.00 down 45.00 for the paper tag also switched my insurance which was a hundred dollars more and a 51.00 dollars fee so with the total of everything i paid almost 1,200.00 to. be mistreated and for me and my kids to still have to ride the bus and walk thats not fair to anyone

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