American Telephone Complaint


Date of Incident: 11/12/18 On 11/12/18 – I & my husband cancelled our service with AT&T after over 10 years of service, due to the fact we moved to an area that did not receive good cell service. The cell service provider we went to, Verizon, was able to receive service in our area and we ported our cell phones over to Verizon, therefore, cancelling ALL our services with AT&T (at least that’s what I was told) I paid my last bill (of service provided) on 12/4/18. On 12/18/18 – I received a bill for service for 12/14/18 – 1/13/19, so I went online and chatted with Victor Blaze. After not receiving the information I needed, I contacted AT&T customer service on 12/19/18, originally speaking with Violet and I explained I had cancelled my service on 11/12/18 and received another bill. Violet transferred me to Meagan in Finance. Meagan in Finance told me when my service was cancelled, it did not cancel my tablet service, and at the most I should have been billed $10.00. Meagan then transferred me to Maverick who told me he would make sure my tablet was cancelled as of 12/18, but that I should not have been billed and I would receive a credit and to not pay the $104.00 I had been billed. Well, on 2/14/19, I received another bill this time for $110.00 and said my bill from December was now Past Due!!! I again contacted Customer Service on 2/15/19 and originally spoke to Santiago, who disconnected our call. I called back speaking with Louis (who was very polite by the way) and explained everything to him and he said there was nothing he could do about the bill, so I asked to speak to a manager. I then spoke to Eric (Manager) who told me he could not reduce the bill, that I would have to file a complaint. After all of this, I will never recommend AT&T to anyone!! You won, because I do not like to have a past due on my record, so therefore I paid $110.00 which I should not have paid, due to not receiving service!!!

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