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American Truck Group LLC National Truck Funding, LLC They sold me a truck which had problems and It broke down in less than 1 month and they repossessed the truck a few weeks later and kept all my money. Gulfport Mississippi!!. On July 17, 2014, I flew in from Oak Hills, CA to Gulfport MS to American Trucks to purchase a 18 Wheeler Truck. I purchased a 2016 Freightliner. I paid a total of $7,157.20 as a down payment to drive off the lot with the truck. I was given really no option on the selection of trucks because there was only 1 on the lot at that time. I was told by their sales people that the 2016 Freightliner was an excellent truck and the engine and everything was in very good condition. I had the truck for almost 1 month then I notice that there was a very bad Oil Leak. I call American Truck Group because they told me that if anything happened to the truck within the 2 years they would fix the truck free of charge. Well, that did not happen. I was given the run around about the truck and I had to find a personal Mechanic to fix the Oil leak which need an Oil Pan. I paid $100.00 for that and the truck was down for 1 1/2/ weeks. I was also told by American Truck Group that when the truck is down I would not have to pay mhy weekly Truck note of $756.97. Well that wasn’t true either. I was told by Karen from the company that I was not deliquent. They never gave me credit for the time my truck was down and would not work with me on getting the truck caught up. I could not run the truck if it was down. Well on October 1, 2018 they repossessed my truck from the yard I had it parked without telling me anything. I was on my way to the truck to go to work and when I got there the truck was gone. This company is a Fraud and have put me out of business. The truck was set up to fail me and now I have nothing. I want this company to give me back my money that was paid to them because they sold me a Lemon.

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