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My husband Andrew John Pfeil had been telling me for weeks we would grow old and gray together and he would love me forever…suddenly jan 25 2006 he looked at me and told me he felt nothing for me…this after 24 years of marriage…I never saw it coming. || Weeks later I paid a visit to my old house and found all kinds of stuff on his computer and receipts on the counter. Her name was Katie Ann Hammonds. This person had been going after him for years. In her chat room she called him cowboy or drew, how cute of them. I went to the store where they had hooked up, Walmart in Wilmington NC on (removed). I talked to several employees and they gave me all kinds of info on her and him. She cheated on her first husband and two sons and got pregnant with a little girl, she cheated on him with my husband. Sad to say the second one tried to commit suicide! Even though I was getting tons of info on them I was still in love with him and I was devastated. My entire world was over and no amount of prayer or shrink meetings would help me. I have to say time has helped a lot. I heard recently they have a child with autism. Him being 53 and her 38, their chances were pretty high. What a shame and all for their selfish reasons. || It works that I believe in karma. she enjoyed sending me many things in the mail telling me hints of what was going on with them…she is a monster, so is he and once a cheater always a cheater. I bet she has cheated on him already, that kinda tickles me, he would be so stupid to see it though, possibly busy cheating on her. He was catholic and in the bible if you are an adulterer , you go straight to hell, which is where they will both be and after death, they will suffer alone. There is word that she even tried to fool him in the beginning that she was pregnant with his child, it couldn’t happen he had a vasectomy.. perhaps the son they had isn’t even his. || To this day I still have issues with it all. I have no interest in men, I will never be hurt like this again. I was very sick, couldn’t stop vomiting and with diabetes you have to eat. He took me to the ER and told the doctor to lock me up I was a suicide threat. I was sent to a home for suicidal people. I was sad not suicidal…he told me to leave the house and live with my mother as I am legally blind it suited him fine. While I lived with her he let the 2 dogs of ours die and he let several of the parrots die too… he’s an absolute monster. If you want to see what she looks like go to facebook…put in Katie Ann Pfeil and or Andrew John Pfeil.

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By Karl