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Andy’s Hi-Tech the hungarian Well, Well, Well look who I found. Woodincille, Washington!!. Well Well Well. how about that. Hello Andy. This world ain’t that big I hope you didn’t forgot about me.? cause I did NOT forgot about you. This is Romnu that you (stole) my car you piece of sh*t. You got nerve but you are not that smart. I bring you my father’s car to fix it and you sell my car.? what’s that all about. but don’t worry all find you. and this is not a treat this is a promise. I don’t care where you running. don’t forgot you told me where you live back home. I tried to be a nice guy with you and help you with your business and all that and you steal from me.? you steal from me ? you got the balls to steal my father’s car .? oh man either you are really funny or you don’t know what are you doing. hey but let’s be normal. you got my documents from the car and you stole my identity I’ll forgive you for that.,

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Andy’s Hi-Tech

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By Karl