Dealing with this breeder, Katie Okelberry, has been a horrible experience. I highly recommend staying clear of any business dealings with her. Her website is well-done, she knows how to talk the breeder talk, and the puppy pictures will make you fall in love with her dogs, but she protects herself well and when you discover that her dogs are not as healthy as they look in her pictures, it will be too late. You’ll be saddled with a dog that has health problems for its whole life, or if you try to return the dog, you will be out your $900 or whatever ridiculous price she has charged you–and this is without papers for her supposedly “purebred” dachshunds. When she says no refunds, she means it, and she’s not afraid of hiring lawyers to protect herself. She refuses to meet at her residence, so there is no assurance that her puppies are raised in healthy or clean conditions. Don’t assume it’s the people who have bought from her that have the problem, like I did–it’s her.

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