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Auto Accessories Garage Who knows but I bet then have some. Sent parts they said fit and they do not. Then charged over 35% fee to return (postage and restocking). Frankfort Illinois!!. The parts online said they fit my 2007 Saturn Vue and over the phone they confirmed, but they are too long to fit between the wheels. The running boards will be too close to the tires and go beyond the wheel wells. They would not listen to my complaint they did not fit, and put them against the vehicle, my mechanic said they did not fit, and I asked for a mechanic they have to install in my area and instead sent a return slip that said I had 14 days to return or I would be charge for the postage again and still not have returned the items. Wow what a company. I want to return the item. On their website it does not state a return fee, or return postage, etc. that is all hidden apparently. They are probably reselling the same parts over and over and banking the 35% as all profit.

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Auto Accessories Garage

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By Karl