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Auto Europa Naples did not explain as is and refused to cover repairs needed vehicle purchased Naples Florida!!. Auto Europa Naples is a well established dealership in Naples FL and offers a wide selection of Mercedes benz models and high end luxury vehicles. Unfortunately my experience with them was not pleasant. when i arrived to view the vehicle i was interested in that i drove 1hr 14min to come see. i arrived close to closing. they had gotten ready a lot of the financing over the phone. the option they had was questionable for me and i had to discuss it with my wife. as i was Ed Biocic was very quick to rush me, point at his watch and say “i need an answer soon, i have to go” which i found to be very disrespectful and unprofessional. We returned about 3 days later or so with our own financing for the car. purchased it. throughout a week and a half of having the car I’m noticing a noise coming from the front of the car and took it back to them. they diagnosed it as a “tire issue” and told me it wasn’t covered. when i asked why they said cars are sold AS IS, nobody there ever explained verbally at all and I find out very shady that they wouldn’t take the time resolve a customer issue when the vehicle was recently purchased threw them. The owner of the dealer responded to a google review I wrote saying that I had inspected the car and test drove it. The car has 3 suspension modes and 2 transmission modes and the road I tested on had a speed limited of 45 there was no way I was going to be able to identify such in issue with little time and road way. And on top of that Ed who was actually quite rude and the lady who finalized all the paperwork never and I mean NEVER. Explained AS IS. To me. I am utterly disgusted at the fact I wasted my time driving over an hour to buy a car from them and they disrespect and neglected to help me. This is a perfect example of a RIPOFF and I and going to exploit them all I can.

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