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Automobile Recovery Service Inc Christopher Finn, Gary Finn, Lynn, Karen Automobile Recovery service inc Chris and Gary Finn Karen and Lynn Cincinnati Ohio!!. To whom I can warn, My name is Andy and against being threatened I’ve decided to write the truth anyway. I’m going through a divorce and if it’s not hard enough w my 4 children involved, I found out my soon to be X wife stopped making my car payment. The vehicle is a limited edition I believe this color combo only 12 ever made. It’s a 2016 Acr Dodge Viper. My lien holder Wells Fargo wrote up a report to get the vehicle flatbed only bc it sits 1″ from the ground with all of the carbon fiber ground effects. Instead, they automobile recovery service inc owned by Christopher Finn comes and dollies the car completely wrong against the order from Wells Fargo as well as common sense. I found out who towed it and called there Cincinnati office. Heather proceeds to tell me it was dollied. I couldn’t believe it. I was given another number to there location in Boston heights ohio at Adesa Auto Auction. Lynn the lady there was very rude. She kept insisting how did I know it was dollied even though I kept telling her there main office told mr. She was very rude and kept saying things like, you don’t know anything about towing, you can’t make your car payments and was very aggressive and rude. I proceeded to call there main office and now spoke to a Karen who claimed to be an owner. After discussing w her the concerns I had they kept trying to make it look like they dollied it even though Heather there receptionist ssid otherwise. At this point Karen started getting very defensive until I finally said I’d pull the surveillance tapes I have in front of my bank I own to prove otherwise. I think at that point she figured telling the truth would be wise if they were to get any more business from there lienholder. The reason I knew there would probably be considerable damage is because my friend Bruce is northeastern ohio certified viper technician. He said no matter how it’s towed other than flatbed you would have considerable damage. He works on them and has even built them for dodge. Well I had a police escort to the lot and again had to deal w a very rude and angry Lynn. I got the car home but before leaving pointed out to the officer on scene the damages to my car. Because they picked up the front of my car they took a huge chunk out of my front carbon fiber facia that alone is 20,000 dollars. They mangled the bottom of it as well and dented up the front bumper right above the damaged facia. The 2 back rear wheels in the same spot now have what appears as 4 inch curbed wheels, but actually came from the contraption they had around my rear tires. The fin slots under my rear facia are both scratched and big grooves taken out of them and this helps the car run smooth as well as bending them. Under the entire car is a protective metal carriage that has been scratched all up as well as a circular box cut out for whatever functioning reason has been opened up and the metal has been tore open due to how it was towed. The car has numerous new scratches and I’m only finding more and more as I continue to clean my car.The carpet on the inside passenger seat has all been ripped out about 12″ as well. The point here is good luck if your crazy enough to use a company that has zero respect to orders or your prized possessions bc mine was 130,000 and if they don’t respect that what will they respect. This sucks so bad because you have an honest hard working American that has put so much money into his pride and joy to have some incompetent people tow it unlawfully. Please please please for your sake do not use this company. You all have been warned!!!!!! Any questions feel free to call me. (((REDACTED)))

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