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AZ Auto Export Based in NY and have branch 2 Wilmington DE Advertised for series of vehicles yo be sold and I ordered for one Rav4 @ an agreed price of $8200=. They got my money since Feb. !6th abd severed all communications link to their company. No one can get thru to them either by email,phone or skype anymore In Wilmington, DE and in NY InternetWilmington, DE!!. Istumbled thru an online website known as and saw series of varying pictures showing details of vehicles being offered for sale..I then make a call and we spoke couple of times with one Arnold Macht and the professed owner of the company. We agreed on a price of $8285 for one 2914 Toyota Rav$ and I sent in $92000 in momey transfer to the company’s Citizen’s Bank…They gave me an instantenous receipt acknowledging the money on the 2nd day… Since then, they have severed all theier so called communication links by e mail, telephome and skype facilities to me, even though most times I see them on Skype…Tull date, no information/s had been passed on to me.

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