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BBB Industries / Carquest Alternators are Junk 1 day old & the alternator pully falls off leaving me stranded. Nationwide!!. I had installed a BBB Industries Reman Alaternator that Carquest sells. The same day after installed it made a few odd noises and the next day driving i turn a corner & the alternator pully falls off!!!!! I lost all control of the car since the serpentine belt fell off that controls many things inlcuding power steering leaving me stranded so the pully was not put on to tightness/torque at the factory and never have heard of a pully falling off a alternator before so i got my money back and they can keep the junk since don’t want to take a chance on a 2nd one and getting brokedown. Just am lucky the pully did not fall off on a freewway and would have lost control of the car and been in a damgerous spot.

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By Karl