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Complaint: Don’t buy a halftop for your YJ Jeep Wrangler unless you are willing to purchase aftermarket windows. I purchased a Bestop halftop for my 93 Jeep Wrangler through I ordered the part in mid September but did not receive it until late October. This wasn’t a problem. After receiving the product, I realized it would take me a Saturday to complete the project. I opened the box to account for all parts which were included. I set aside November 8th to install the top. Step one went fine. In step two, I drilled seven holes in my floorboard. Being now very alert, I carefully looked at the illustrations in the manual. I soon discovered the halftop would not fit my jeep as advertised. Confused, I called the customer service department at The service rep also found it strange that the halftop Bestop recommended for my jeep would not fit. He said he would call the company and find out a solution and call me back in a couple of days. Six days later, I called the rep back to find out the solution. He said, We usually wait for the customer to call us back instead of leaving messages. He then told me that the product only works when you purchase aftermarket windows which they have made rounded on the ends. Stock soft top windows come with the ends squared for the YJ. The rep said he would sell me these windows at cost ($219.00) for the trouble. I don’t need new windows. I simply wanted to return the product which claimed to work for all yj wranglers but really doesn’t work at all. The issue should be between Bestop and, not me. The service rep claimed he would have to charge me a 15% restock fee of over $75. What?? I have to pay for this mistake. Even though the box it came in has seen its way to the dump, false advertising is against the law. I should not have to spend more money to make a part work especially if the product is advertised such that it works for all stock vehicles equiped with a factory soft top. Steve Apple Valley, CaliforniaU.S.A.

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Address: 2100 W. Midway Blvd Broomfield, Colorado U.S.A.


Phone: 877-474-4821

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