Big Tex Trailers – Benton, AR


Big Tex Trailers Benton, AR Horrible Customer Service!! Very rude and very lazy!! Benton, Arkansas!!. I will never use Big Tex Trailers in Benton again. We were looking at a trailer they had and we took our trailer down there for them to look at for trade in last week. They said they would call us back the next day and four days later (after us having to call everyday and nobody knowing anything) my husband calls again and a man answers (the manager). My husband said “Im have been waiting on a call back to see about our trade in on our trailer”. The guy said “That was me you are waiting on and I don’t have time to mess with it and I don’t even know if I want your trailer or not”. How rude can you be?? I’ve have been a very good customer of their’s for years and I am shocked how horribly they treated us. If you were to lazy to look up the price on our trailer or didn’t want to trade anyways, how about a courte

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Big Tex Trailers – Benton, AR

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By Karl