Blue Octopux Research Review


I was approached online through LinkedIn from someone named Vic Victorious. He sent me a breif statement I maybe interested in a part-time position, that will not take much time, yet the pay is excellent. Vic states also in the message he has been doing this for sometime and provided a website. Then put to also introduce ohters if possible. | I clicked and went to the site, which only asked for my name, address and email. A few days later I received a check in the mail, with a return address of: Michael Powell, PO Box 19052, Springfield, IL 62794-9052. Insdie the envelop was only a check which looks authentic from JPMorgan Chase Bank. The amount was for $1,900.00 made out to my complete name, including my address on the check. The check has two names in the upper left hand corner of: Peter & Marta Karbarczyk. | The following day, I received a text with an email address ([email protected]) instead of a number. Stating “We sent you and e-mail regarding the part-time Mystery Shopping Job. (Check your inbox/spam folder) You are required to reply”. I responded, “I cannot find your email”. The following day at 9:27am I was sent another text from the same email address. It said, your first assignment check/ project was posted through USPS and would arrive with your mail in the coming days, we sent. Five day later, I received another text from the email ([email protected]) asking me to comfirm receipt of check and they are looking forward to recieving my first assignment. I let them know I did get an envelop from Michael Powell. I was then sent a text with PDF file of my first assignment along with and email. | I was asked to proceed and deposit the check into my bank or credit union. Funds will be available immediately or in 24 hours. I was to deduct USD $350 as my commission. I let them know, I would be happy to complete my assignment, but only when the check cleared my bank. After two day, the check had not yet cleared and I was getting request to complete my assignment. I conveyed my concern and would check with my bank to expidite getting my assignment complete. | The job was to proceed to my nearest Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, 7 Eleven, Best Buy, etc. and purchase Visa Gift Cards. Go to the register and add cash of $500 to each card. $500 X 3 = $1,500. Then I was to evaluate the quality of customer service delivery, condition and arrangement of the cards at the store and fill out the observation in the Feedback Section (Page 3). I was to no circumstances acknowledge that I am working as a secret shopper. | Afterwards, I was to open the pack, remove the label in front of the card or scratch to reveal the code and capture clear images of the front and back of each card and email to them with Page 3 of the document (Phone camera accepted). To email my report and images to: [email protected] | The cards are required for the next assignment. I would use the funds to carry out future assingnments. This will eliminate the need of posting another check for other upcoming assignments. I was noted, not to use the cards until instructed to do so. | I received and email from [email protected], subject: Awaiting Feedback Report. It stated, they still haven’t gotten my assignment and to kindly proceed to have it completed ASAP. from Karen. I responded right away, telling Karen, the check I was sent has not cleared and my the Bank Manager informed it was on a five day Business hold and funds would not be available if cleared by November 8, 2018 by 6pm. I would send my Feedback on November 9th. | On November 9, 2018, I received in the mail from my bank from Savings & Checking Operation. The check deposited to my checking account on 11/01/18 was returned unpaid by the paying financial institution for the following reason: Frozen / Blocked Account – Account has Restrictions placed on it by either customer or bank. | As a result, we the bank deducted $1,900.00 from my checking account. A $15.00 returned check fee was also assessed. | I then sent my response to [email protected] to be advised I will not be completing assignment. The Mystery Shopping job did not work with me: I plan to report this scam, so that others will not fall pray to you part-time job hoax.


Name: Blue Octopux Research

Country: United States

State: Illinois

City: Springfield

Address: PO Box 19052



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By Karl