Casabella Furiniture Inc


This company held a contest on Facebook where they promised 3 cash prizes. 1st place: $300, 2nd and 3rd place: $150. I was named the winner of 2nd place and was told to come pick the prize up in person. I live in California, they are located in Mississippi. No where in the contest rules or post was it specified that this was a local contest and that the prize would not be mailed or shipped. I was then told that I could have a friend go into the store and pick up for me. I did just that, the very next morning. My friend was told the owner was not available and they would not give my prize to anyone other than me. They then blocked me on facebook, which other than the phone was the main way of communicating. | They also did this to one of the other winners that I know of for sure. | I have the feeling they used this contest to gain likes and facebook traffic as well as to trick the winners into coming in and giving them store credit instead of cash as promised. They are currently holding a new contest in which that is very clearly specified, the prize will be store credit and must be picked up in person.

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By Karl