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Charlie Faulk Auto Sold me a car that was on recall and the engine blew out caught on fire while driving Richmond, Virginia!!. Purchase a rodeo in 2005 for my son to drive back and forth from college and explained all that to dealer. After a few months the electrical went out, after a few more months the engine blew out while out town and cost more to tow it back for repairs than the car cost in total. Called dealer to tow it. They said they would fix it if I towed it. This went on forever. I ended up moving and taking the broke down car with me by towing every time. Finally my landlord said no junk cars and had it towed to the junk yard. Five years later Charlie Faulk put 12,000 debt on my credit. I am going to counter sue them because the car should never have been sold under recall for an engine issue. It caught on fire and could have killed my whole family. no more used cars for us. They could have easily worked something out with a local dealer to fix the car a

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Charlie Faulk Auto

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By Karl