CHOICE HOME WARRENTY Atlanta Georgia Review


I purchased this Choice Home Warrenty upon moving into my new home. Within 3 weeks the dishwasher stopped working , and they told me they would not repair it because it was a hose that “Took Time

“” to ware out.!!!! No kidding. What do you buy a home warrenty for??? . Then they refused to place a switch in my furnace

and said it was an old furnace and thet switch took time to ware out!!!! WHAT THE HELL!!!!?? DO NOT EVER USE THIS COMPANY EVER!!!!!!!!! I heard the best companies were Home Republic and 210. I wish I knew that before I was dupped by HOME CHOICE!! I am looking to make a change if that is possible. I just knoe HOME CHOICE WILL NOT PAY YOUR CLAIMS!!!!! DON’T USE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

1090 King Georges Post Road Edison, New Jersey USA

(888) 531-5403

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By Karl