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City Holden SOLD A LEMON ENDLESS PROBLEMS WITH MY MALOO VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE Adelaide Other!!. I purchased a 09 Maloo with 100,000 ks from City Holden . Just minutes from leaving dealership the tyre went dead flat ! Turned out a dodgy wheel . They pump it up say it’s fine . Long story short I get home and a week later it blows on me on the freeway . So I go to change it with the spare there’s a jack but “NO SPARE” so I’m furious stuck all day on side of the road !!! Dealer tries to get out of paying for the new spare ! Other problems with the car Won’t start properly at times Sailplane is cupping on ends severely and should have been replaced but they won’t Center gauges were faulty This is unacceptable of a dealership !!! BUYER BEWARE STAY AWAY FROM CITY HOLDEN

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