In October 2004 I got a check for $4 from Dell Financial Service. At that time so much was going on in my life I was not able to make much of it. Because the check had the DELL logo on it and such I thought it was some unknown reimbursement. So stupid me cashed the worthless $4 check. nIn November, I got my DELL statement and saw that $139.95 was added to my DELL Perferred account with a 800 number under it that is directed to MWI Connections. I called MWI and had words with them, they refused to remove the charges. I called DELL and they told me they have no control over it and that I needed to call MWI 800 #. DELL said they have nothing to do with it and that it is a third party thing. nWith my next DELL computer payment, I am sending DELL a note letting them know I am not payingi the $139.95 charge added by MWI Connections. I can’t believe DELL is involved in such a scam. nNeilnSTATESVILLE, North CarolinaU.S.A.

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By Karl