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ElitePods advertised on Instagram that they were running a “free shipping” promotion with 2-3 week delivery time. I placed my order ( 4005) on 7/28 for two pairs of their wireless headphones (one red, one pink) for my wife and I. I immediately received a text confirmation of my order as well as a link to the status page. | The 3 week mark has passed on 8/18, and I have received no communication from the seller as to where my order is. I emailed the business on 8/6 to request a tracking number for my order, and a CS agent “Amyra” replied at 11PM PST (overseas support apparently) stating that it takes 3-5 days to process an order and 4-5 weeks to arrive. This is NOT what was advertised, nor did it answer my question. | Based on her information, I asked again for the tracking number. It had been 9 days at the time of this conversation, so by her own omission, the order should have been processed and out the door. Thus, a tracking number should exist. Amyra replied again, stating that the processing time can take up to 5 days, and after that, the order goes to their logistics partner for shipping. She then stated the delivery window is 2-4 weeks (directly contradicting her prior message), and then passed the blame to the couriers by stating she does not control their delivery time. But, that my order would arrive. Eventually. | As I’ve worked eCommerce and with Chinese suppliers/vendors for my entire professional career, I understand the logistics game, the “free item just pay shipping” game, etc. But, it does not excuse that the promises made via advertisement were there. I reasserted my ask for a tracking number, based on her information provided to me. I then firmly stated that if I did not receive a tracking number within 24 hours (this is 7/9 now, as she does not reply more than once per day), that I needed to be escalated to a supervisor/manager for resolution. She replied that she apologized for the delay, she only had an internal tracking number, and they’re working with logistics to get the local tracking number. | I wait to 8/15. No tracking. No reply. No update. I email again stating that I need to get a tracking number or a refund within the next 24 hours, or I will be filing a chargeback. I finally complained, stating that the service was atrocious and that I was tired of not being escalated or replied to. | It is now 8/20. Amyra has still not replied. No manager has contacted me. No supervisor has contacted me. I do not have tracking. I have no idea where my order is. It basically feels like I’ve been given up on and my money stolen from me. This company should not be in business if this is how they treat their customers.

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