Federal Bank of New York


I got a call from a No Caller ID who said his name was Steve Johnson and he told me I was granted $9000 from the treasury department for not getting in any trouble with the law for 6 months and told me to call 202-780-7599 to claim my registration number which was OH333. I called them and they told me I would need to pay $200 bank fine and I would need to buy 4 $50 google play cards. So I bought them 2 at a time and read the numbers to a guy who said he was William Miller. Than he said he was going to give me the federal bank of New York’s number which was 3159242471. I called them and a guy name Christopher Young said I can go through a a minute process or standard in order to get the $9000. He said I would need to pay $500 for the minute process and $300 for the standard process. I chose the minute so I went and got 10 more google play cards for $50 each and bought them for $500 2 at a time at the self check out. He told me to scratch the backs off and give him the numbers, which I did then he told me to wait for 20 minutes . 15 minutes later I called him back and he said he needed $900 because my state tax building charges $900 to create a file so I don’t get scammed. I told him I didn’t have the money I had already overdraft to get this far. He said it was possible he could work a deal were the federal bank of New York were he claimed to be a manger would pay half the $900 if I could pay $400. He told me to call back in a couple hours. I did and I agreed… I went and got 2 google play cards that say $15-$200 and payed $200 for both of them. I scratched the back off them and gave him the numbers. Then he said I was officially registered and I needed to wait until 10:30pm to get a text and email from money gram and somewhere in Washington DC because money gram were supposed to give me what I needed to get the $9000 and the people in Washington DC would refund me all the money I had already spent. I never got the email or text and here I am now trying to get what I lost feeling very gullible and stupid. He also said call him tomorrow at 9:30am because I wanted to walk me through the entire process of getting the $9000.

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By Karl