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My Complaint: Became a paid Student member of Was still a Student and fledgling CC in 2014. In September 2014 was approved by Harvey Morse, Founder of FAPI, to renew a 1-year membership and attend the FAPI Conference for the Student price/designation. Paid $199.00 in full via Paypal on 9/7/14. The FAPI website advertised the FAPI conference registration as including a 1 year membership to FAPI. In January 2015, still had not received FAPI Membership card and Certificate. Could not logon to the FAPI website. Upon inquiring about this was promptly told that they had not renewed their membership and that they were not in good standing and that if they wanted to become a member they would have to pay. They sent a copy of their Paypal transaction receipt and forwarded emails with Harvey Morse as verification. By April 2015, had yet to receive membership card and certificate. Inquired about this several times via email, website contact form and phone with no success. See emails below for reference:

9/7/14 Harvey E. Morse to:
me, We will absolutely honor your registration as a student. I regret what you are going through. One of the nice things is that by being there, you will have an opportunity to meet others and hopefully, find a sponsor!…….
The student fee also includes one year?s membership in FAPI which in itself is a bargain….
Regardless, you will be all set for the convention! Life is all about choices, and we are here to help! That?s why we are a FAPI family.
Regards, Harvey

Thanked everyone in person at the FAPI conference and via email including Harvey and Ari Morse.

9/22/14 Me to: Dear Mr. Morse and FAPI team,
Thank you for organizing such an important and informative conference.
The wealth of knowledge from the distinguished guests to the
attendees was amazing….
Thank you

As of January 2015, still had not received the FAPI Membership card and certificate.

Jan 8 2015 me to Harvey:
Dear Mr. Morse,
I still have not received any responses to my emails to you or anyone else from FAPI. I renewed my membership for the conference. I have never received a membership card or certificate nor am I able to log in to the website….
Thank you

Jan 8 2015 Harvey E. Morse to me
We have been checking on this today. Do you recall if you paid dues for the coming year? If so, was it by check?
Thanks, Harvey

Paid $199.00 in full via Paypal 9/7/14 which both parties received an email receipt. Copy was resent to Harvey.

Jan 9 Harvey E. Morse to me, Mike, Ari, Alex, LANGPI
Harvey E. Morse [email protected]
Jan 9 to me, Mike, Ari, Alex, LANGPI
Please see the following message which I hope clears up the situation. We really want you to be a member and to be part of our group! Should you not be able to afford the full membership fee, then please let me know what you are able to pay and we will see what we can do to help you.

Find attached the only financial transactions I have recorded. She appears to not have renewed her “student” membership in 2014 and requested that she be able to attend the 2014 conference at the student rate of $199.00. Harvey granted that requested.
My conclusion is that she is not a member in good standing and if she would like to join she needs to apply and pay the $115.00 active membership fee. She would not have received a membership certificate.
Thanks! Harvey

How did she become a not a member in good standing when this was all
privately discussed and approved by Harvey Morse and he received receipt?

from:Harvey E. Morse [email protected]
cc:Ari S. Morse
[email protected],
Mike Thompson [email protected],
[email protected]
Harvey E. Morse
[email protected],
Denise White [email protected]
date:Sat, Apr 25, 2015 at 2:49 PM
subject:FAPI membership.

The Executive Board of the Florida Association of Private Investigators, Inc. hereby  informs you that it has unanimously decided not to renew your membership. A refund check, although not required, is enroute, and you are being removed from our membership roster and email list.

If you are curious as to why this action was taken, it is because no matter what we did, said, or explained it was just never enough to satisfy you. No matter what we did, you always wanted something more most of which was impossible. We spent far too much time trying to be accommodating with no thanks, appreciation or gratitude.

We hope you will find some other group that will better cater to your needs and whims.

Thank you.

Harvey E. Morse – BAI, CII, FCI, CMI
Founder- FAPI

Harvey E. Morse [email protected]
Apr 27 to me

She continues to play games. Her message was not an autoresponder but was typed in an effort to be deceptive. She is receiving this and continues to be a troublemaker.

We did what was right. No regrets. Her actions are childish, immature and stupid She thinks she is cool, but we have all been at this a lot longer than her.

Lets see if someone hires her and how long it will last. I am willing to take bets.


Harvey E. Morse, BAI, FCI, CMI, CII?


My Demand: Refund as Promised Public apology for false and defaming comments

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