Floyd Memorial Hospital Complaint


Daughter was admitted to ER 3 weeks ago with level 10 pain from kidney stones. In ER 8 hours in which I repeatedly asked for pain relief. Pain was not managed but staff coerced my Daughter to be admitted. I plainly explained they were not going to care for her, as experienced by 8 hours of unmanaged pain, no water, or basic supplies. She chose to stay believing things would change. Response for water 8 hours later was one bottle of water. I had been standing and was ill myself. No water was offered to me! She was admitted for pain management. The nightmare continued throughout the night. She was told to stop screaming. Her port pot overflowed with urine. No toilet paper. Night nurses switched off. Nurses unresponsive to calls through the night. Pain was never managed. YOUNG nurses showed complete disdain and lacked compassion. A young nurse entered her room through the night and asked her to stop screaming and crying. Her regular doctor saw her condition the next morning, as he happened to walk by. The ER urology doctor who managed her interfered with her regular doctor”s attempt to relieve her severe pain and distress. Her regular doctor wanted to follow-up with a PET scan. The ER Urology doctor cancelled the scan. We never followed up with this barbaric hospital or doctor. She ended up being admitted to another hospital. We received an excellent urologist, great hospital and my Daughter”s fear was resolved with patient clear & concise information. Floyd Memorial Hospital was a literal nightmare from the doctor to the nurses. Floyd admitted my Daughter for pain management with total face to face lies. Despite pleas to call the doctor, nothing changed. Our family will never return to this hospital. This type of care comes of top level management in the hospital. I would not send a dying dog into Floyd Memorial Hospital. My Daughter is 39 years old and had NEVER had any pain medication. When she actually needed it the most, the Urologist and Floyd Memorial nurses lacked the skill and capacity to deliver basic pain management and quality care for kidney stones. Supplies were nil. I would not send a dying dog to this hospital! After reading about the merger and the CEO”s …decided a formal complaint would be useless. There is no compensation regarding $$$$ (refund) that would make up for the lack of services and treatment my Daughter received. Ms. Jennifer Jordan-Troklus Former River Valley Middle School Counselor Greater Clark County School Corporation Jeffersonville, IN 47130

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