GAP Syracuse New York Review


I was in my local mall (Carousel Center, Syracuse, NY) yesterday, November 5th. I realized that Gap was running its 10,000 pairs of free jeans for people who “check in”” on facebook. As I understood it

there were 20 pairs of free jeans to be had at each Gap location across the country. I checked in from the food court while eating lunch with my friends. After checking in

I received an alert on my Facebook iPhone app that I was one of the first 20. It stated that I had until 5:05 PM to claim my pair of free jeans. There was also a “”#4″” on the alert which I believed indicated that I was the fourth person out of the 20 available to check in. My friend I was with checked in 15 minutes later and did not receive this alert which led me to believe that all 20 pairs had been spoken for. We went about our mall trip and made it to the Gap by around 2 PM. Once I got there

the manager informed me that she had already given away the 20 pairs of free jeans coupons the store had. She equated my experience with winning a prize

but not being there to pick it up. I corrected her

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By Karl