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My 85 year old mother call this compnay to repair her garage door that would not open. the representative came to her house and quoted her $700 to replace the spring, cables, and door rollers. She was overwhelmed and told the gentelment that she was going to call her son to check with him. He subsequently said he would check with his manager and then agreed to reduce the price to $500. Luckily she still declined and upon my awareness of the situation i called another garage door company that i had previously used to come out and inspect the situation. After his inspection, he indicated that all that was needed was to replace a broken cable for an approximatel cost of $150. i called the servcie representative back to let him know that i was aware that he tried to overcharge my mother and he tried to make some excuse that he never quoted told her those repairs were necessary but that they were optional upgrades This company is a scam and basically tries to take advantage of uneducated consumers to overcharge them for parts and servcies that are not needed. It is obvious that these service representatives are on some type of commission based upon how much they can bill an unknowledgable client. i would highly recommend that you not call them

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By Karl