Gillece Services Review


Sewer was backing up, called Gillece based on the $99 special… The only good thing was that they didn”t charge us for their bogus advice. They ran a camera into the drain and claimed root damage was the problem and quoted us $8, 800 flat fee to repair… and refused to even snake the drain “company policy”, meaning they could fix it for $99 or try to hose you for $8800, they chose the latter… At that point we panicked then remembered we have the “Dominion Sewer Line Repair Program” and called them. Their contractor came out, snaked the drain, so no roots at all and it was a $0 as it was covered under that program. LESSON: Gillece Plumbing and Heating are scam artists that prey on your immediate need for help…and they live by the words of Rahm Emmanuel, Let no crisis go to waste…

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By Karl