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WE accepted to pay the fee and agreed to give a check of an original deposit of $500.00.Mme Levine was suppose to send us a contract regarding the work to be perform by her company which she never did. On monday march 27 2017 Mme Levine contacted me asking me to replace the original check stating the first check had been return for insufficient funds. In disbelief we ask her to verify the information since there could have not been any reason why it would have got return. Mme Levine was been aggressive and demanded a check right away.I advise her i will contact my bank and would verify.After verification my bank assured me the check had cleared & paid to Mme Levine. Hence the inappropriate behavior and unprofessional attitude we decided to cancel any business relationship with Home Financial Group. We sent several email to formally advise of our decision and ask for immediate refund. We have tried to contact the Home Financial Group they hang up the phone. Mme Levine called

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Home Financial Group LLC

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