Human Al Zazaeri or Pedro Espinosa


I was contacted by a Human Al Jazaeri, who is trying to take $26 million out of Syria.  I contacted him initially on a site, as he said he was interested in a high end home on Vancouver Island.  He attempted to have me supply additional info and emails.  He tried a name change to Pedro Espinosa and when I did a search, it came up as a convicted criminal.   He wants to send me his drivers license and birth certificate.  He said he has two suitcases of money in London, which he wants me to receive.  The initial contact was just a search for a home in the $2 million range.   As I have two listed, I responded.  I requested him to send a deposit, via a lawyer or by cheque.    The stories, name change attempt, and suitcases of money are more recent additions to the story.

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By Karl