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An IMVU account that was 1st put on hold all because a friend gifted me a name change token. They wanted the original E-mail address used when the account was made plus PayPal user name and email used for PayPal when 1st joined and a few other things. I have changed the email address on that account a few times plus have different email addresses for other accounts. But cuz in 10 years I have never been asked to provide 1st email address ever used cuz if I did know, I would have saved that info the 1st time I changed the e-mail address. Basically, I lost an account that has a whole lot of things created that was making a good amount of credits every day, but no matter what cuz I don’t remember the original email address, it looks like IMVU more or less stole a whole lot of created goods plus a whole lot of Credits. If anyone knows a way to learn the original email address on an account or if anyone knows a way to make an account get un-suspended from more or less permanently suspended as it is now would help out a whole lot. I will even say the Name of the Account. It is “Like” and the account name before that was “Abstral”. So again I would appreciate the help of anyone that can help me in this matter. Below is one of the messages from them, but the only thing they say I have incorrect/wrong is the First email used in signing up at imvu Thanks, Michael I received the information that you had provided us but it didn’t match with our records. For us to proceed please provide the following information: – First email used in signing up here at IMVU – Paypal Name used in making purchases in the account – Paypal email address used in making purchases in the account Thank you for your understanding regarding this concern.

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