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I am going to be short and to the point here. This person (I refuse to call her a lady) has upset at least 2 marriages that I know of, one being mine. While I know affairs are 50/50 responsibility between a spouse and the mistress, I feel it is fair to expose this person just in the way my husband has been exposed to his friends and family. || I tried calling this person to have a mature, adult conversation regarding the affair and photos/texts I had found on my husband’s phone a year ago. Unfortunately I was rebuffed over and over. She dared me to tell her higher-ups, which in her line of work can be a very big deal. I have remained silent for an entire year now, and you know what? They are still continuing their affair long distance even though we reside in different countries. || I came across nasty Skype photos of her completely nude, and luckily for you, I have cropped out those tasteless, hideous portions. || I loved my husband to pieces, and while I didn’t have sex as much as he would have liked (once a day at least) we were intimate as often as the average couple; however our sex was NOT average. Without getting into detail, we do things most people wouldn’t dream of doing. Regardless of our wonderful bedroom passions, my husband continued to lock himself up in a bedroom and talk to this person and have phone sex several times a week behind my back. || He says he has feelings for her and can’t help what the heart wants, but with a track record like hers (3 different children from 3 different fathers) he is ignorant to think he’s the only boy toy she’s got hanging around. || So, ladies of Wichita Falls, be on guard. My marriage is not the first to be destroyed by this person, and I’m quite positive it won’t be the last.

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By Karl