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I was in relationship for almost 10 years. I found my boyfriends phone records calling a specific number 40 times in one day. I text the number and the female called me. I spoke to her for an hour and she informed me that my boyfriend and her are serious and has a relationship for 2 months. I was shocked because when I asked him he told me they are just friends. She told me they celebrated their 2 month anniversary and he introduced her to his family. They had family dinners by both of the family. I was so hurt. My scumbag boyfriend then told me the truth is out and move on. He was so cold and callous. I didn’t know that person. || The woman he was messing with told me she blocked him and is hurt and wants nothing to do with him. Come to find out she lied and wanted to know if I was leaving so she can have him. It was so shady when she told me she went through it recently. They had unprotected sex within two months. He took her around friends, wine and dining her. She says he put on Facebook he wants a kid with her. For three days she had additional stories to tell me. It was like she was showing off what they accomplished in 2 months was a big deal and she got the man.

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By Karl