Kirby Vacuum


Door to door salesman selling overpriced demo vacuum


My Complaint: Kirby salesperson comes to your house late in the evening claiming to sell a vacuum cleaner for $2000-3000 for school credits/scholarships. You are told that the demo won’t take much of your time but it actually takes 3hours. Not only that, the original salesperson goes back to the car and another person gets out and demonstrate the product while the other person leaves. The 2nd person claims you don’t have to pay anything today stating that it’s free of charge. Then minutes later he is asking for a down payment stating that it HAS to be made today….very contradictory. After telling him no repeatedly he gets pushy and refuses to leave. These people come around the holidays and late in the evening to prey on the elderly and their families. They do not care if you have something to do or not. They lie and scheme to get your money. Then once they have it, you will never here from them or any affiliates of that company.


My Demand: Leave my house

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By Karl