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Lewis Had Refused My Offer Because Iím Black 
Lewis Altfest is a horribly racist person who discriminates among people due to their race. He doesnít respect black people and black culture. My bitter experience with Lewis showed me that I would face racism everywhere in my life. I hadnít expected him to be a racist, however.†
This incident is a few years old, but I know itís the right time to share it. Racist people are present everywhere from the bottom to the top. The entire system is messed up. My experience with Lewis Altfest taught me that people would always see my race before anything else. 
Lewis refused to provide his services to me and my company because of my race. He told me blatantly that he doesnít work with black people. Iím sharing my experience in much detail below so you can understand it better:
The Lewis

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Lewis Altfest

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By Karl