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Lowell doesn’t know how to talk to clients
I am a tech entrepreneur. I have several companies and I had hired Burney Investment Management last year to help me manage my investments. I fired them 4 months later because of the indecency and narcissistic tendencies of Lowell Pratt. Lowell has no knowledge of manners and customer service. He is a crazy man who likes to boss other people around including his clients. I was his client during the period of those four months and I couldnít handle the level of his ego. He is old and he got jealous of me, thatís my guess. 
Who is this Lowell Pratt? And Why I even Hired Him for 4 Months
I will keep repeating this fact: I hired Lowell only for 4 months. Why did I hire him in the first place? Well, if you would look at his qualifications and experience, you would think he is the best financial advisor you can ever find

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Lowell Pratt

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