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Worst customer service ever. The installed new rooftop unit denting unit up and breaking the seals on it when placing it. now I have leaks from unit itself as well as water pouring onto roof. They also did not insulate the drop/roof jack so the condensation build up is causing water damage to house. I called them to come fix the initial problem of it cooling one side of house to 60 some degrees and the other side to 80 degrees. they told me it was my problem and if I wanted them to fix the problem that they created I would have to pay more . Feels like extortion, as they had to know the work was going to cause this issue. Their site says they do energy audits and duct sealing for better efficency yet when I had inspectors come look there were leaks no seals and water damage. The ductwork was thrown in and not properly distributed using drop boxes . They also insisted on a second return which was place within 5 feet or the original the needed a 20×30 opening for this return but when you open and look in the duct is compressed to half that size. They do not have a clue on what they are doing. some of the list is and is from certified inspectors. nROOFTOP UNIT: AIR LEAKS AROUND ALL PANELS. LIQUID TIGHT AND ELECTRICAL WIRES ARE NOT REPLACED. CONDENSATE LINE IS NOT CLAMPED AND SECURED. DUCTWORK IN ATTIC: METAL JOINTS (T Y’S) ARE NOT INSULATED CAUSING CONDENSATION. (THIS WILL CAUSE DAMAGE TO FLEX DUCT AND POSSIBLY DRY WALL. JOINTS ARE INSTALLED IMPROPER AND POSITIONED SO THAT SOME REGISTERS RECEIVE MUCH MORE AIR THAN OTHERS. DUCT WORK TO KITCHEN/DINING ROOM HAS BEEN IMPROPERLY INSTALLED TO NOTALLOW ENOUGH AIR TO FLOW IN THERE DIRECTION. ALL ATTIC DUCT WORK WILL NEED TO BE DISCONNECTED AND INSTALLED PROPERLY. RETURN AIR VENT SHOULD BE ADDED TO DINING ROOM AREA. THERMOSTAT: NOT POSITIONED PROPERLY AND HAS A HOLE BEHIND IT CAUSING ATTIC AIR TO ALTER TEMPERATURE READINGS. nstay away unless you want to be treated poorly and end up worse off than before.

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By Karl