Max Bishop Mule Company Review


MAX Bishop.. Mr. Robert Maxell Bishop. Where are we going to start with all the crap this self proclaimed mule guru wantabe cowboy which is just a con artist in 6 inch spurs and hat. | 1. Mr. Bishops training and knowledge gathered from his videos and posts. He is very rough and manhandles his animals. He seems to only be able to ride and train wearing 6 inch spurs. You watch in his videos animals being stood on, Sitting on their necks, legs being yanked up with ropes, rode down cliffs with no leg protection, gaul marks in the armpits, having to pony pull mules through and over things such as logs while their rider falls off and he seems to have a fascination of putting back hoofs into his private region and refer to himself as having “balls of steal”. These are animals he claims are broke broke while most of us half assed experienced equine owners would only say they are still very green. | You see much tail swishing and trying to step away from Mr. Bishop from these animals and that is only if they still have energy after being rode for hours. OOORR how about the video of the mule he tried to ride onto a moving flat bed and ends up falling off… Yeaaa because we all will need to put a mule on a moving flat bed. What gets me the most is people ACTUALLY think this grand standing side show carnival is good horsemanship.. I mean really people, I have some ocean front property in Wyoming I will sell ya too. Now I know how Jim Jones got people to drink the kool aid. | 2 Buying of a FAMOUS MAX BISHOP MULE.. WOW! Just what we all wanted, an over priced mentally damage from bad training unsound basket case. You watch the videos, and again most of us right brain people are thinking “hell that must be one hell a mule to put up with balls steal left brain idiot show boating crap” and he gives a guarantee. What can POSSIBLY go wrong?? AHAHHAHAHAHAH EVERYTHING!!! First off his idea of a guarantee is taking the basket case back and replacing it with even a worse of a basket case. “Im in this to make money not loose it” is his motto. He isn’t in it to make sure people are happy with safe animals or that even the animals are safe themselves. First off he is going to kill pens and auctions paying couple hundred on semi broke animals which he then takes home and jumps on with those 6 inch spurs rides into the ground to the point the mule has no energy and then films it and throws it on Facebook for a few thousand. All the while the mule is being housed with 30 to 70 other mules in a open pasture fighting for what little food is put out when and IF it is put out. SOOO like I said you see this video with a mule that a new born baby can ride and he will even deliver it to your door step. Just send a few thousand dollars which you do and sit on a pins and needles until the LEGENDARY MAX BISHOP arrives with your majestic mount. He pulls and in and you excited as a fat kid that won the Willy Wonky Golden Ticket. The Door open as you hold your breath and out comes this pitiful skinny scared and most cases injured mule as your chest falls to your feet. You just been HAD! | You sit weighing the options. You being a TRUE animal lover and care for your livestock are now torn on right and wrong for the best interest of the Animal but again you just gave this man THOUSANDS for a 200.00 mule with a huge hole lower leg wound that is being treated by PETROLEUM axel grease because that is what has been used forever. As you blink realizing this man is dumber then the rainbow he claims his mules make. ( Yes wounds were treated by axle grease but that was when axle grease was cooked off cure meat fat.) ANNNYYYWAYY now you have this animal standing in front of you that is not the same animal in the Pictures and videos and clearly needs vet treatment and food. Do you let the animal stay where it is clearly not being cared for right and HOPE he brings you a better one or do you take the animal and get it the care it needs and eat the money? As the GREAT MULE TRAINER is running off at the mouth about how the mule is just a bit dehydrated and with just a couple weeks of Groceries will be back to the Full Healthy mule you saw in the pictures 30 days ago. You look at the trailer load of skinny sad mules and know this man is nothing but a dirty horse trader. You do the right thing for the MULE and take it and get it the care it hasn’t had for quite awhile. | 3. The AFTER Purchase. Now you have this GREAT animal. Some know right off they have animal that isn’t what is claimed then there are the others that sadly don’t find out until they end up in the hospital fighting for their lives. Each and every time when Max is contacted it is the buyers fault or the vet doesn’t know their job that they spent 7 plus years and 100,000.00s become. The LEGENDARY MAX BISHOP that uses truck axel grease on a wound knows better then anyone else. You start getting the run around and insulted. You make any comment on Facebook and WHAMMMMMMM then you get attacked by a s* load of people. Your messages blow up with threats from people you don’t know. Your phone number is given out to perfect strangers to call and harass you. Videos are made by MAX ranting like a 3 yr old throwing a tantrum on the grocery store floor because he can’t have the candy bar. EVERYTHING is EVERYONE else fault and these Joe Dirt types come to his defense. They make threatening posts about rape, going in a gang to peoples houses and beating people. HIS own wife, which he talks about being able to “suck a frosty through a straw” posts she would rather has sex with Virgil’s pig. YES such a class act those Bishops are. Let’s not forget the Great Video MAX had his young MINOR daughter film where he makes false claims of a woman owning a mule she never saw before while he had to use a rope to pick ups it’s feet the whole time the Mule is swishing it’s tale and trying to get away from while tied short. Then has a hold of the poor mule foot rubbing it telling those that have been scammed by him to go do vulgar things. GREAT parenting there I telling you, Yes sir father of the year martial. | Though I could go on and on for pages I am forcing myself to keep this short. Have I ever Met or bought a Mule from the man? Nope a couple years ago when I was in the market for a mule someone suggested him. 5 minutes on his page watching his trail riding videos I pretty much determined he was a complete idiot and doesn’t have a clue. Just another dirty horse trader. I was also amazed how many people were stupid enough to buy from the man also. I ended up buying a great little well broke mule for 200.00 that is better then anything MAX had. Now I not saying he doesn’t get lucky and stumbles onto a few good broke mules here and there but I am not a roulette player. Anyone that thinks riding a Mule through a construction sight full of nails or washing a mule in car wash on full power is ok I don’t believe should own an animal either. | I have gathered posts and pictures from here and there that back up the facts. After reading this and or looking on facebook you still buy from the man and get screwed welllll…. SUCKS TO BE YOU! You were warned and should done your research first there are things on his own page going back into 2015. Also be warned her is now trying to use other dirty traders in other states to dump these poor animals he has Neglected and in my opinion abused.


  • Name: Max Bishop Mule Company
  • Country: United States
  • State: Arkansas
  • City: Paragould
  • Address: 713 W Thompson
  • Phone: (870) 476-5495
  • Website:

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