Mealey’s Furniture Oulet Review


Bought a bed 06/08/2019. I paid an additional fee for it to be delivered on 06/13/2019. I was first told the frame was in the stock. Then I was told the frame was not in stock and had to buy the higher frame. The bed was sold to me and I signed for a third party delivery company to bring everything out 06/13/2019. | I was then called the morning of the delivery and told that it would not occur. I continuously received different answers. I was then told that items were not placed in the inventory list. I wondered how could I buy items that weren’t even entered to be sold. | The manager said it was entered on the date of delivery and that I would have to wait an additional week and, still pay the delivery charge even though the situation occurred from his negligence.


  • Name: Mealey’s Furniture Oulet
  • Country: United States
  • State: Pennsylvania
  • City: Pennsylvania
  • Address: 8812 Frankford Avenue
  • Phone: 267-348-2086
  • Website:

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By Karl