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Neiman’s Jewelry falsely reported to EBAY that I did not contact them regarding payment for an item purchased through nTo set the record straight, I contacted Neiman’s Jewelry via their e-mail. I requested their telephone number, in which they did not respond, to pay by credit card. They chose not to respond with their telephone number. This was very suspicious. Moreover, it appears that their jewelry auction is not actually that of Neiman Marcus Department stores. Their insignia they use looks very close to that of the famed Neiman Marcus department stores. nI contacted Neiman Marcus in Dallas and discussed my concerns, and from what I understand, their legal department is persuing legal actions to stop these misrepresentations. I will only buy merchandise from quality retailers, especially retailers that will provide their telephone contact information. After further suspicion of, I used a search engine to see if there were any complaints against Neimansjewelry and found a report on this site, rip off report. nAfter reading the customer’s complaint and reading the threats by Neimansjewelty, I was pretty appaulled with NeimansJewelry’s threats and intimidation. I am surprised that EBAY allows this jewelry auction to conduct business via EBAY. nBottom line, Neimasjewelry had an opportunity to provide me with their telephone number in which they chose not to provide, therefore voiding this transaction. And they FALSELY reported to EBAY that they had not received payment. A good faith attempt was made. Well, whose fault is that, No telephone number, no business from me. Plus, the way they treated this past customer has for sure earned them no business from me. If they feel they want to persue this further, then I look forward to it. Their actions will only earn them a huge amount of bad publicity. nRegards. nSamndallas, TexasU.S.A.

Costa Mesa, California U.S.A.

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