Neptune Cremation Society Review


1. If you get a letter from Neptune Cremation Society offering to send you information in the mail do not send the card back. They have no information that they will ever send you. Instead they will call you a 100 times trying to get an appointment to high pressue you into spending over $2700 for a cremation when most local funeral homes will do it for under $1000. | 2. If you get an invitation for a free no obligation lunch, go eat free but do not give them your real phone number because again, they will call you 100 times. Even after you tell them no, then they turn your number over to their telemarking dept to call some more. | 3. If you doubt what I say read about the 15 million dollar class action suit against them here. | | 4. Here’s is the worst things they do. They claim that when you die you call an 800 number and a Neptune Employees comes and get the body and take it to a Neptune crematorum locally. Guess what. Neptune does not own a crematorum in the Cleveland area. Instead they call a sub contractor body pick up service and then take the body to another sub contractor crematorum. Neptune charges over $2700 and pays about $319 to get the body cremated. | 5. Neptune tells you than when you give them the $2700 that it goes into a trust that is in your name and that if you decide to not use them your family get all the money back. Again not true. About $900 goes into a trust and about $1100 goes to pay for two wood boxes ( a storage box and an urn they pick out ) that can not be returned after 30 days and about $500 goes into another 3rd party sub contractor who may or may not go get the body if you die outside their radius. If you already have an urn too bad you have to take theirs. | 6. Get this. For an extra $500 you can get your ashes scattered in the ocean (where their headquarters is) but you still have to pay for the $100 box and urn even thought the urn is NOT needed if you scatter. | 7. Plus another great deal. For another $500 you are allowed 5 people ( family only) to look at the dead body ( no makeup) for 10 minutes. They never tell you that by law a family can demand to see the body free. | 8. They advertise on their mailers that they will explain VA benefits and then tell you that they will arrange for the surviving wife that they will call Rittman ( the national cemetery that will take the ashes free) but then when her husband dies tell they wife it is up to her to make the arrangements. | 9. Neptune salesmen are all sub contractors NOT employees. Paid 100% commission with a 1099. Highly motivated to upsell to make more commissions. High pressured to call call call. Even though by law as a sub contractor they should not be told or forced to call anyone. They are called ISR’s. Independent service reps but are not independent at all. Micro managed is a better word. | 10. When Neptune no longer wants a salesman they simply stop giving them leads and force them to quit. | 11. The managers earn around a $600 week salary but are told they will make $100,000.00 plus, totally not posible in Cleveland for sure. The managers control all the leads and guess what. They call all the leads first since they are allowed to sell also, and make as many sales as they can while giving the leads they can not reach to the poor commission only salesmen. Neptune actually encourages the managers to sell while screwing the commission only salesman. | 12. In the last few years the Cleveland office I am told has been through like 5 managers, 2-3 Funeral directors (they have none in Cleveland as of last I heard) and about 15 commission salesmen. | There are many many many Cremation places starting at $597, why would anyone deal with this company. | Check it out!


  • Name: Neptune Cremation Society
  • Country: United States
  • State: New Jersey
  • City: Paramus
  • Address: 175-B Route 4 West
  • Phone: 1 201-949-3890
  • Website:

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